today is my first Ramadan ,im grateful because i can celebrate it with my family ,first sahur and first break fasting .but yet ,i feel empty .maybe i need to increase my ibadah ,and do it for Him ,Allah :')
pre-trial is over .i mean ,soon to be .only one paper left .
     And ,trial is coming this 31st of july .our principal put a high hopes on us ,he proud with us for not doing something that might scratch school's name since the school is started .i get inspired with all his word ,and as usual ,i drop my tears .Things going to be more harder and harder and harder after this .the 'give up' word had crossed on my mind once .but yeahh ,i manage to overcome with it.  

    i cant depend on my friends to settle my problems because they're having the same things ,just like me .Same goes to him ,i cant get depend on him,he already has his own problem .so yaa ,im going to be more independent ! 
  say no to HOMESICK .
  say no to MENGADA NGADA .

  say yes to PRAYERS AND DOA ,
  say yes to ISTIQAMAH .
  say yes to TAWAKAL .

and well ,hello SUCCESS  :') happy ramadhan all !! :))

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