Samura .Tempat aku belajar jadi manusia ,menjadi seorang muslimah y lebih baik ,Ego yang tinggi direndahkan ,Rohani aku sentiasa kenyang diisi ilmu dr para naqib naqibah ,Disini ,air mata jarang jatuh ,sentiasa ada kawan ,sentiasa ada a shoulder to lean on .Ahh i miss thise moment ,its been a year ,and now im 19 teen.Alhamdulilah ,segala ilmu y diberi ,ku kongsikan bersama rakan baru .

Junior adik adik ,sila enioy yr life in samura to the fullest !Surely you wont regret ,

Samura Namamu terjulang 🌼

Pidc's life

First impression .oh my god! ,where am i? India probably?

Hihi .but that was my first impression. after i treasure Penang ,its a great place actually .The majorities are Indian and chinese .

Its not a big deal to be the minority one as the centre of attraction is ours .Hihi i met so many Handsome dentist to be !!

#First week ,
I joined Fun run ,Arif won the race .Its 'fun' as it was my very first time to run in the rain.

Well ,thats all for now ,T T F N (tata for now! ;)

Its not as easy as ..

My friends ,under Gmn are now safely arrived in Egypt .Theyre posting their pictures .Tears start to drop.once again ,my heart break into pieces .Aarggh .its too hard .I thought i can get over egypt and focus on India .But i cant .Egypt is too hard to forget .it takes time ,maybe yearss .

its not that im not grateful ,it just hmmm ... ;c
some people said that it was just my mindset .if i keep thinking on it ,then il never get a chance to move on .somehow ,theyre right .well il try . . . .


Three months dude ,we spent our times to learn about Arabic culture ,Arabic Language ,the peoples and so on .Too bad we didnt a get a chance to apply it on real world .

Allah knows better .Maybe if we insist ourselves to go there ,something bad gonna happen .hm "sometimes good things fall apart because better things may fall together" .

So tomorrow im going to register myself to Pidc .(Penang International Dental College ).its a twinning programme w Vinayaka university .its 1+2+3 prog .if i manage to get a 3.5> ,il fly inshaAllah .

Bismillah ,sahaja aku belajar kerana Allah Taala .