kompang .

we are the first user of this kompang :D
believe or not ,im one of the kompang player's of Samura .ngeh ngeh ,actually ,its un-officially .i played for hari guru only LOL .the reason i joined it because i want to be like my mother .she said ,she was a kompang player during her young age .and the other reason was to gain new experience .perhaps ? :D

    besides ,i was helping dodo to get closer to his prince charming .and ,i made it :) one day ,he asked her to pair with him.all i can see was dodo played hardly to impress him .well ,her effort was worth it ,he was complimenting  
dodo .well ,i kind of jealous actually because she can meet him everyday ,unlike me ? :'( kk ,btw ,i love you dodo ,and yun of course ,they really make my day:)


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  1. LOL gilaaaaaa !
    apeni?? apeni??! hahahahahahah >.<


such a big honour to know theres someone read my entry .
tqvm :D