living in this big world full with unpredictable human is hard ,yet im still crawling in the crowd .i still unable to jump high with those who had succeed in their lives ,me ,Nuramirah binti Selamat ,a 17 years old girl ,who is very very sensitive to friendship issues and family of course ,need someone to hold me up when  im no longer able to walk .to catch me when i almost to fall ,to be my shoulder when i am crying .but nobody could help me ,because ,i kept my feelings alone .
    at that time ,i met with this guy ,the guy taught me a lot .the guy expose to me more about the world ,the guy made me touched  :') and alhamdulilah ,till today, im still with the guy :') with a blessing form my family ,i hopes that one day my prince charming and i will be unite in halal relationship . amin :')

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such a big honour to know theres someone read my entry .
tqvm :D