2012 handsome ;)

theres a few days to go before 2012 is coming to us .am i ready to meet that handsome ,naaaa ,for sure not .i havent done my homework ,packing my things ,buying goods ,foods etc .next year ,il be SPM victim .i mean ,SPM candidate .i dont think im qualified enough,hahaha.preparation ? zero ;P my mom asked me to be cool on that ,no need to think much about it  ,but i just cant .im a person who love to complicate the situation .HEE.peace --V  and next year ,is my senior year ;D 
NO MORE duty ,
NO MORE katil atas ,
NO MORE keterpaksaan .
hee.ive been determine to be a good senior ,i dont want to be that close with all of 'em ,i dont to be label as senior 'pasar' .i dont want !.i dont want to do melagha things when i have an important things to do .ohh ohh ,more important ,no more bertangguh tangguh .insyaallah ;) 

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such a big honour to know theres someone read my entry .
tqvm :D